Our business consists of myself, my husband, and our children

Every month since February, my family chooses someone to donate to
 We look out for people giving their time to help our people
My Koko, Paba, Mom, & Dad have showed me to give back and help when you can
With my new and small platform, I do use it to my ability to help my people
We have met many people since we have registered our business 
We have found so many people who put their heart into healing our First Nation's
I call these people Our Angel's On Earth
We have had one woman who I came across who does fish fry's and clothing pick up for our street relatives
I like that "street relatives" because they are seen as people, they may be homeless but they are relatives
We helped with our recent fight of search the landfills, where we sold t-shirts for a week and 100 percent proceeds went to the camps to purchase wood for the sacred fires
Before I had a business, I was happy to give what I could
With our business today, I am now helping across MB
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