I choose to bring nothing but indigenous graphic art to everyday day things we see. Decolonize and bring awareness is my newfound passion. We often see flags, I am now bringing 3 important pieces to flags that I have designed and have on pre-order. My goal is to help provide the few indigenous businesses who provide flags for those who rally and host positive events for healing 
1. Pride flag: I feel no matter how you identify yourself you are sacred you are who you are and many support you. We support all humans and all humans deserve love and acceptance 
2. MMIW flag: I see so many families and strangers to these families fighting hard to call action to have places searched. To bring our people home and have proper burials. I have raised a little over 400.00 this week to help with Camp Morgan by giving 100% proceeds of my T-shirt to help with cover for the Wigwam 
3. Every Child Matters flag: I am an Intergenerational Survivor. I needed to make this for my mother. My mother has done events and brought healing to our First Nation’s Survivors. Our people were once made to feel unworthy, today they are healing and today they know they are sacred 
My children know the significance of these handprints well. Our children are at these events. My daughter wants all of them for her ceiling and I am so happy her generation is learning awareness Thank you to all of the Indigenous businesses who provide such items, our children and our elders see our calls to action and I am happy to join you in this journey 

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